Golden Ghee - 16 ounce jar. The premium superfood cooking oil. Made with cultured butter from happy, healthy, holy cows right here in Bend, Oregon. It's Local, Grassfed, and totally Loved. 


Currently Available for PICK UP only at Ayurveda Plus in SW Portland. 

3609 SW Corbett Ave #1, Portland, OR 97223

(503) 248-4670

Golden Ghee - 8 ounce jar

    • Ultra nutrient-dense cooking oil
    • Totally local, totally grassfed. 
    • Made farm-fresh in small batches 
    • High smoke point great for for sizzling, baking, or topping. 
    • Perfect with toast, curries, popcorn, and coffee. 



    • lactic-cultured unsalted butter (milk, cream, lactic cultures) made from organically-fed, pasteur-raised cows.



    • Suitable for most lactose and casein intolerance.

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