Our Ghee


Totally Local, Totally Grassfed

Just as we value honey sourced from local-Oregon bees, we select our butter from totally local, TOTALLY OREGON cows. "Organic" isn't enough. Like Ayurveda, we believe that "the grass lives in the ghee", and we enjoy sharing our cows' seasonal diet of Oregon dandelions, wildflowers, and other healthy greens.


Farm Fresh

Another totally unique reason for Golden Ghee's superb taste and feel is that we brew our ghee the same day as the milking to ensure that we're making the very best as fresh as it gets. This super-charged window of time maximizes the oil's nutrients, taste, and healing power.


Clean, Clear, and Pure

In short, we treat every cook as science and ceremony, and hold to stringent sanitation and preparation. At the end of each batch when all milk impurities are removed, we quadruple filter the ghee to ensure a final product that is clean, pure, and golden.

Not all ghee is made equal, and Golden Ghee is truly unique.  


We honor small batches with BIG quality, and commit to righteous principles that we just don't see in big-brand ghees.


In addition, we honor tradition by aligning our small batches with moon cycles and auspicious days. Each cook is a celebration, and we infuse song, spirit, and serenity into each and every jar. 


It's love at first bite.

The Story

Ghee saved my life. It also made food taste a lot better.


After being sick for two years, I needed a super healthy fat that absorbed well and didn't trigger any negative reaction. After trying supplements, fish oil, and way too many avocados, I was ready for ghee.


And boy, ghee was ready for me. 


As a nutritive superfuel, ghee gave me the energy to do just what I needed to do. In addition to rekindling my hunger, rebuilding my body, and revitalizing my nervous system, ghee reawakened my love for food, cooking, and the whole healing journey itself. Health became fun, free, and totally delicious.  


So I started Golden Ghee to provide yummy health to myself, family, and friends. At the height of my health and happiness, I now offer it to you. In joy! 

The Farm

Ghee is only as good as its butter, and butter is only as good as its cows. 


That's why we make our ghee fresh from Windy Acres Dairy in the foothills of Bend, OR (shown below). Here, Grandma Billie truly loves her cows like her kids. When we first arrived on the land, we were touched to see Billie use essential oils, raw honey, and vinegar to heal the heffers that she called by name, like Harry Potter & Valentine.


In addition to being truly Oregon local, our ghee is brewed with song and spirit the milking, which keeps the energy fresh, nutrient-dense, and ultra yummy. 

Please know that we also handle events and catering so please inquire if you have needs or questions in those areas.