Syrup of the Sun

Golden Ghee

Grassfed.  Local.  Loved.  Golden Syrup of the Sun for your health, happiness, and ecstatic well-being.  Portland-made, from healthy, happy, HOLY Oregon cows.

Featured Product

Golden Ghee 16 oz. jar  |  $40


Artisan Golden Ghee made from premium Oregon butter in the heart of Portland. 


- Totally local, totally GRASSFED

- Ultra-nutrient dense

- Rich, sweet, and creamy

- Ideal for sizzling, baking, or topping

- Perfect with toast, curries, popcorn, and coffee

- 99% lactose and casein free

- Always a good idea

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The Story

Ghee saved my life.  It also made food taste a lot better.

I quickly found that ghee is only as good as its butter, and butter is only as good as its cows. 

 I was inspired to make Golden Ghee truly exceptional.

We invite you to read more of the story and see pictures of our farm.